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we spent a few weekends making some changes to the interior as we now had to get all our stuff aboard, Colin made some book cases that were a welcome addition.

Well, we did get out & I did get my confidence back, you have to on the Huddersfield Broad! The locks are a very tight fit & we can’t double up as we have to go in still an angle otherwise we can’t open the gates to get out! Grounded twice, pelted with stones by youths, vicious dog alert, lock gate wedged by huge lump of turf…….never actually thought the large meat hook Lochaber had acquired from somewhere would come in handy on a length of rope! But still have got a few good cruising weekends under our belt, discovered the River Calder, have never been on River before! Have had some lovely sunny days during our now 3day weekends off from the shop & Bailey the cat is finding his boat legs!

We have had to cancel our Blacking at Shepley Bridge as apparently the dry dock has ceased trading & apparently Saville Wharf at Dewsbury is the next nearest place. First though we have a wedding to attend in Scotland & a few days off from the chippy.

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Unfortunately the mooring in Slawit on the Moonraker site was not to be. Our business application was approved by CRT but upon inspection the canal bank needs major improvements & apparently the said mooring was originally placed too close to lock 23 therefore it is no longer a viable mooring & will not be used for a business mooring at all in the future. A real shame as the village would certainly benefit from having a boat moored running a successful business to help change the attitude towards the canal by the village folk. Apart from dog walkers it doesn’t seem to be held in very high esteem, apparently they preferred it filled in covered in cherry trees!


So we are now living aboard after the sad loss of our big pal Wally the Newfoundland,  He managed 12.5yrs, a major achievement according to the vet.


His ashes are aboard with us so he can come travelling if we ever get to move from Aspley Marina in Huddersfield. We are still here as the shop is still unsold, however changes have meant we have the chance to expand the business & have the flat above, be it in a horrid condition, at our disposal.

To be perfectly honest I don’t relish the thought of getting out on the Hudderfield Broad, then the Calder & Hebble as all the weirs seem a bit scary & after 3yrs of being still I have lost my confidence! We planned to venture out today but it was too hot & this tiny marina is a nightmare to negotiate in the wind, so tomorrow……….I must get back beside the tiller, I must get that confidence back!

aspley mornaspley

I have to say though since moving aboard unexpectedly the cat Bailey has adapted remarkably well, a bit shook up by a Parsons Jack Russell on a boat in the basin for some work but nevertheless seems to be loving it, not sure how he will handle travelling though! I’ll let you know it I get the confidence to get out tomorrow!

boat cat1 bioat cat2

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