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A Waiting Game…..

Well we have been given a spot at Saville Town Wharf, after reading about Dewsbury I am to say the least hesitant about our new mooring but we shall see…….IMG_1794


It is Autumn now & the weather is glorious so we are exploring the walk from the marina to the town centre & the renowned market. It is a lovely walk & surprisingly the market is absolutely great, lots of choice & great quality to boot!

Dewsbury Minster is very interesting & the tearooms are a delight, could be a regular Saturday lunch spot!

photo 1photo 6photo 2photo 3

I am surprised to say it but I like it here, everyone is so friendly, the marina folk are great, the pub & the café on site are well stocked & very amiable! much better than noisy, dirty Huddersfield, So that’s us getting ready for the winter although this one will have a touch of luxury……..mains hook up & water tap beside the boat! Colins’ chopping the logs, I’ve got a new pot…….life is good.

photophoto 4photo 7


I wonder how long we will be here…….somebody must want to buy a Fish & Chip Shop!


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We managed to get our boat booked into Saville Wharf Marina for blacking. IMG_1474IMG_1475


A Good job was done, new anodes fitted & a general underwater health check.

We were impressed with hoe peaceful the marina was although surrounded by a bustling 90% Muslim town, a decent Real Ale pub on site& a café that does great breakfasts.

We asked them to let us know if they have any mooring coming available as Aspley Marina in Huddersfield is so noisy, either from the traffic or the pub which is touching distance from the bow!!!

photo 8IMG_2151

Within 3 weeks we had an email saying they had spaces as they were rearranging for the winter & would we like to come & choose a spot…….we did & here we are ready to snuggle down for the winter every Friday – Tuesday spending the other few days every week staying at the now empty flat above the shop. So started a winter of tooing & frowing & still not a buyer in site for the shop.


The roving traders licence had been put on hold with CRT now it was a waiting game……..

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