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Well this is it…..a pleasant weekend off but we don’t have to get up at 6.30am this Tuesday to go to Slaithwaite & start another week at the Chippy! We can all have a lazy lay in & Bailey the cat is loving it!


We really need to get ourselves organised now as even though we have waited a long time for this to happen we still have so much to do. Finances have to be sorted & that is a very sad issue as we have worked so hard building up an award winning Fish & Chip Shop for the past 5 years but it has taken every penny of our savings & personal debts amassed just to survive will need to be cleared, so we maybe embarking on a life of freedom & Roving Trading but we start it more or less pennyless, which will surprise a lot of people! However that’s the way it is so forward we move…..





We advertised the old Susuki 4×4 & surprisingly found a buyer instantly, confessed to him that it did have an engine fault that no one seems able to get to the bottom of but he still wanted it, so that was good.  We made a last trip to Slawit to get any post before the wheels went & say a few last goodbyes.

photophoto 8

Gordon & crew at Saville Wharf Marina did a service for us just to be on the safe side, so Friday will be the day of departure late afternoon & a short cruise out of the Marina & relax. we replaced gas bottles, filled water & fuel, pumped out the toilet tank waited for the rain to stop & headed off.

Quite sad as we had made a lot of friends at Saville Wharf, but no doubt we shall meet some again.

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