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July 2012

7th July & a weekend trip to the marina stopping Friday night at the Travel Inn at Huddefield North, which sits right on the banks of the River Colne & the water level was very high due to the recent downpours of this horrendous summers weather.

Good nights sleep as always in a Travel Inn, just like the ad says, thanks Lenny! we set off for Salithwaite to have another look at the Fish & Chip shop. our heads have been buzzing since the last trip with ideas & possibilities. Met with the owner again & struck a deal agreeing to pay holding deposit on Monday when back in Scotland. this is it we are doing it! These premises apparently have a chipping machine that produces Crinkle Cut Chips, I’ve never seen that in a Fish & Chip shop before!

If we can produce this as a take away I’ll be very happy, better get Colin booked up on a Fish Fryers course!

Had a look at the possible house available for rent in the village seems ok, not up to our usual standard but have been spoilt in Scotland for space & rural aspect of property.

It has an enclosed yard area for the dogs so we will know they are safe & not locked inside when we are working at the shop, plenty of space inside too, we can make it home. Contacted agents to say we want to go ahead.   Here comes mega amounts of form filling & outlay just to rent a home!.

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So, who would have thought that we would decide to embark on a career change from Timber Frame Designer & Sales Manager to Fish & Chip Shop proprietors? not us & by the comments certainly not our friends & family!

All very exited now, seems like a plan. Give up two very good jobs, move to a new area work together for ourselves. #boatsthattweet all very encouraging, lets ask them about the area we have found a potential business in…..Stalybridge.  Apparently not “fabulous” but we can see potential however premises need completely kiting out, everything including frying range has been removed, so let’s try to raise some extra finance & find a house to rent, our BIG dog mentioned previously on the blog is still in fine fettle & going strong but cannot manage the boat steps so we will have to rent whilst he is still with us but at least we can get That’s D’riculous closer.

This is the Hudderfield Narrow Canal as it is now restored running through Stalybridge, the potential premises are approx 500yds to the south canalside. We managed to find a suitable house however the way this countries finances are currently means that no extra finance can be raised to support our project.

Now is the time for a re-think, we’ve thunk! We love the scenery around this part of the UK, slightly further north it becomes less Manchester & even more scenic, lets look for some more Fish & Chip Shops with potential & maybe not so ambitious this time.

A quick weekend trip down to the marina in the middle of June meant we could go & do some official viewing around the Huddersfield area.  Beautiful scenery , very impressed & of course Yorkshire is the home of Fish & Chips. First stop was Batley north of Hudderfield, not for us, then Milnsbridge right on the canal just south of Hudderfield, the shop is on the left in this picture of the main street, could be a possible but at the top of our budget.

Next stop Slaithwaite (Slawit) ……lovely, a bit further south than Milnsbridge, feels like you are in the country, infamous Saddleworth Moor very close, Hudderfield Narrow Canal runs through the lower part of the village, natives seem very friendly, well within the budget……..this is the one!

This is where the Huddersfield Narrow Canal come into the northerly end of Slawit & runs alongside the main street.

Towards the south of the village there is a permanent Narrow Boat Cafe called Moonraker, she does a good bacon butty! a nice walks along the towpath. Just past Moonraker there is a guillotine lock. looking forward to getting to know the village better if we can make this dream happen.

This is the outside of the currently closed premises, in amongst the “chimney pots” at Hill Top, one of the higher points of the village away from the main street but only 5mins walk from the canal.

The view above shows how the village is on the hills both sides of the Colne Valley, this is looking toward the main part of the village, we have managed to find a possible a house just 200yds from the shop situated at the middle level just above the railway line which runs through the village adjacent to the canal as always. Getting very excited now!

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