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Wednesday 22nd February 2012

After a lovely but cold weekend at Aqueduct Marina last weekend it has been back to the daily grind this week! The world of Sales, but I have to admit my job can be quite interesting as I do travel around quite a vast area of north-east Scotland.

After watching Tim & Shane Spall in the first of four new programs about their journey around the coast of the British Isles aboard Princess Matilda we were stuck with the image of Tim’s face as he was trying to negotiate the choppy waters of Rattray Head on the leg of the journey from Banff to Peterhead.  Both of these places I know quite well as they form part of my working territory. Tim was absolutely right about the little church which seems to sit near Banff but is actually in McDuff the next village, we took the photo below a few summers ago on a long weekend around that area.

Tim was also right about Banff seeming to be stuck in a time warp, it seems that they have left the modern world behind & agreed, it is a steep walk up that hill! The Harbour is quite nice & often has fishing vessels in but not as many as in years past when it would have been thriving but due to fishing stocks, quota’s & high selling prices the fishing industry in Scotland is in the midst of troubled times at the moment & I should know I work for an Aberdeen fish merchant!

Today I was actually at Peterhead & made my usual lunch stop, sitting in the cliffs overlooking Peterhead Harbour, I looked for Princess Matilda but obviously they were nowhere to be seen today! this is what I did see though, the rather interesting looking vessel is I think used for laying cables under the North Sea, maybe something to do with the numerous wind farms that seem to be appearing offshore. Rattray Head is to the port side if you were leaving the harbour.


Driving home took me down via Aberdeen where our office is, Tim remarked in the program on Tuesday evening that Aberdeen is one of the main Scottish ports, mainly full of off shore supply vessels & such like no fishing boats now they all go into Peterhead where there is still a daily fish market.

The temperatures are unusually warm for the time of year in Scotland at the moment, the daffodils are almost out along the River Dee on the south side of Aberdeen.

So, thanks to Tim & Shane  for giving me the reason to make a blog entry on a normal working day that took a route similar to the one they took on Tuesday evening but by road.

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