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Monday 15th August 2016

Lovely still sunny Monday morning, I have so far conquered one fear……The Bingley Five Rise, now it’s The Foulridge tunnel. We have done Harecastle Tunnel & Hyde Bank Tunnel & both times I never ventured above deck, today I was determined to stay above deck although was not prepared to be on the tiller as I am normally.

Foulridge is the summit of the Leeds & Liverpool canal at 487ft  6ins above sea level.


Looking back at Café Cargo



Moving onto the tunnel moorings ready to go.



Red lights……is anyone coming through?



On the hour & we are green to go, no boats came through this time.



That exit seems along way off!



The exit getting bigger now…



Looking back, we are over half way now after 15 minutes. You have 30 minutes maximum to get through, ideally it should take 20 minutes.


We emerged safely at the other side & just a about 1/2 mile further on we arrived at Barrowford Top  Lock moorings. Here you can actually appreciate that you are at the summit of the canal.


looking towards Barrowford Top Lock



Barrowford Top Lock


Barrowford Reservoir


Looking across the reservoir towards Colne


Looking back towards Foulridge from Barrowford Top Lock






This colourful boat with the doggies home complete with umbrella to shade it from the sun or I suppose equally the rain!


It’s a dogs life!

It’s a lovely spot but the shops are a fair trek away.  If you cross over the Top Lock & follow the track across the sheep field (4 cows also) go through the gate at the top, follow the road to junction, turn left follow the busy road along the river & you will see Booths ahead of you. If you need supplies & fancy blowing the budget to pieces this is a fabulous store, top notch produce, meats, fish & wines plus a fabulous coffee shop which was well appreciated after the walk to get there in the afternoon sun. A tangy Fentimans Ginger Beer for me & Dandelion & Burdock for Colin, a couple of Prawn sandwiches & a to die for Vanilla Marshmallow bar. Now for a bit of shopping……….well that emptied the purse!


On the way alongside the river we saw a couple of young lads doing what young boys do best, playing outside at being daredevils, diving off the wall above the weir into the deep pool below.


The weir just beside the Pendle Heritage centre



Taking a dive!



Climbing out for another go!

we noticed how colourful the town is, they love their flowers, this is the pretty stretch with the weir below that takes you to Booths.




Looking back towards the weir


The river before the weir running behind quaint little houses.



Flowers along the pavement



A real welcome to the town, so pretty.

Refreshed but now skint we trekked back across the sheep field to the moorings, too tired & hot to cook, so the recently purchased fresh baguette was consumed with the gorgeous Ginger Spice Cheese I had purchased from roving traders The Cheese Boat ( http://thecheeseboat.co.uk/ ) earlier in the year & copious amount of cold Pino Grigot.




2 Miles,    0 Locks,    0 Swing Bridges,    1 Tunnel,    1 Hour

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