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Monday 5th March 2012

A beautiful day today even though it is the start of another working week.  Tweeting to the nb folk everyday makes me miss our boat even more, can’t wait to get down again.

The sunrise was spectacular today.

The snow drops were in full bloom in the park in Dundee, had to just stop for a quick photo or two as they will be gone so soon.

Tuesday 6th March 2012

My job takes me all over NE Scotland & I see some fantastic scenery & meet some great people/chefs.

Today I met with a new customer at a new purpose-built Bistro on the edge of an existing fishing loch in the heart of rural Perthshire.  The loch is of scientific & natural interest apparently as a rare algae lives in the bottom. Every fishing dinghy has an electric outboard they are not allowed petrol/diesel on the loch. It is a pleasure to make calls like this one.

The Loch is restocked with full size trout TWICE a week, good fishing to be had here!

Wednesday 7th March 2012

This was another of my regular trips to Peterhead. Below is the front of the fish market with one of the super high tech trawlers in the background.

On the way back through Aberdeen via the sea front I had to stop & snap these guys trying to catch a wave!! It WAS sunny but still bloody cold, they must be mad!

Saturday 10th March 2012

I haven’t blogged much cos’ we’ve only been doing the very mundane work thing & have not managed to get back to the boat yet.

However the weather forecast is very good for Scotland this weekend so we are going to do a carboot sale to add some dosh to the “Canal Fund” this is basically our little piggy bank we are trying to build up this year to buy some essentials we need for the nb to become our home, a cratch & cover for the “pointy end” & a wind turbine/solar panels for extra energy to save running the engine & using expensive fuel.

Sunday 11th March 2012

The weather was as promised bright, sunny & about 16c although it was a bit windy, but hey that’s all part of the fun of carboot sales….isn’t it? It was a good day after allowing for stall fee we cleared £105 !! As you can see Lochaber was enjoying every minute of the day!

It was an early start, so 1.30pm it’s off home for a shower & a snooze!

Looking forward to next Thursday evening as we will be travelling to Aqueduct Marina for long weekend on the boat.

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