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Hello Again!

March 2015

Yes, we took on the little Chippy I told you about & we have been working flat out for 2 1/2yrs now to make a grubby, unstarred takeaway into the thriving little business it is now! We have won 3 awards, employ 2 staff & are running to capacity for a tiny shop.


The business is now up for sale as it is time to move on & get back to our one love Nb That’s D’riculous & the canals.

We should be living aboard by now but our Old dog Waldo has survived all this time after being diagnosed with cancer in his foot before we even took the chippy on!! He’s now in his 12th year, not bad for a Newfy! Although he is failing quite rapidly recently, hence the reason for a new direction for us.

We are trying to set up a business to run from the boat & become canal traders. Our proposal is currently being assessed by CRT & we are hopeful they will agree to it & we will be able to take on the old Moonraker Café Barge fixed trading mooring in Slaithwaite on the Huddersfield Narrow for a while until the time is right to become roving traders. I think the village would like to see another boat based business on this site & it’s quite a nice spot too!

Moonraker barge2 Moonraker barge

Our new business to currently run alongside the chippy until it is sold will be called Mugs Afloat & we will be printing quality ceramic mugs with personalised bespoke designs to order & will be concentrating on canal folk & business’s. We have been working on a couple of design & am hopeful that a meeting with Standedge Tunnel later this month may bring in our first proper order!

The Standedge Tunnel has a lot of history & is the longest, deepest & highest on the UK canal network. from the Marsden Portal nestled in the Colne Valley through the Yorkshire countryside to the Diggle Portal it is a distance of 3.25 miles & takes 2hrs to complete!



The canal is edged by disused & reused mill buildings all along the Colne Valley. Next to Diggle is Uppermill a lovely place buzzing with Coffee shops, Cafes, Gift shops & a lovely walk along the canal towpath.

So it’s time to start getting out & about around the canals with the camera again, unfortunately due to the business, lack of free time & the awkward travelling on the Huddersfield Narrow at the moment most of this will have to be done by car & on foot.

We took a trip to Sowerby Bridge a couple of weekends ago. There was repair work being done on one of the locks but we managed to get a few photos of the whole Shire Cruisers fleet whilst they are all still at base before the season starts!  Maybe another Mug sales opportunity……….We ate at the Moorings, not overly impressed but maybe it was due to the fact they had a large Christening party in. Rather unusual Mongolian Restaurant next door, may try that next time!  It was just so nice to be near the water & around the boats again……..





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