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The young couple who showed an interest in the business finally made an offer in January, a bit below what we wanted but we need a change & if we don’t get out on the canals this year I fear we will be getting too old & crotchety to enjoy anytime living aboard!

January merged into Febuary then into March a completion was agreed for mid April.

We email’d CRT at Leeds to see if we could pick up where we left off with our application for a roving traders Licence & Richard Delves was happy to do that so we completed the final application form, sorted the Insurance & every minute of spare time at the weekends now was spent making stock for Mugs Afloat & Gifts.

Even Bailey the boats cat was happy & relaxed loving his watery lifestyle.

We decided to give ourselves a break & took off to Ellesmere Port in May for the Open day at the  Waterways Museum.

Solicitors kept arguing, papers kept being sent backwards & forwards, our Traders licence arrived so did the completion date & promptly was put back by the buyers solicitor……..


We had an unusual visitor at the marina in May, an ex oil rig rescue vessel converted into a home.


Eventually completion on the shop came at the end of May. We stayed on for a further week to train & show the new guy the ropes. That’s the sort of nice folks we are.

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